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Electrify Everything | Are you ready?

On face value, Rewiring Australia's 'Electrify Everything' promotes a simple mission, stating "all electric zero emission appliances and vehicles will save every home money".

Leveraged by Australia's optimal solar conditions and widespread access to rooftop solar, this makes a lot of sense. However, as with all things electrical, there are considerations that need to be unpacked before disconnecting your natural gas and buying that Tesla.

Most people never think about their switchboards unless there is a problem, or if they are installing something new like an induction cooktop, a pool, air-con, or a vehicle charger.

We have lost count of the number of harried customers that have called us for help when they have committed to one or more of the above, only to find that their switchboard wasn't up to the task.

Solar at Thirroul

Perhaps the most common example is rooftop solar. In the Endeavour Energy (Illawarra) area, export limits are set that prevent some customers from optimizing their roof faces. For example, single-phase customers are limited to 5kW inverter size. Typically this is only 16 panels. Lucky ducks with 3 phases are eligible for up to 30kW (about 72 panels) for residential and larger for commercial premises. You can imagine the difference that this makes. Purely on the number of phases you were assigned in the past, often arbitrarily, you may only be able to save a few dollars on your bill. Meanwhile, your 3 phase neighbor looking for ways to spend all those extra savings.

Another common occurrence is the conscientious cook that purchases an induction cooktop, only to find that the power available at their home will only be enough for about one-half of the hotplate.

Electric vehicle charging is the emerging influence on these shenanigans, with the speed of charge and number of charges being heavily influenced by the number of supply phases available.

What are phases?

Boring story, but most premises are supplied with either single or three-phase connections. Single phase typically allows for up to 80 amps of current to flow into your abode, while 3 phase is up to three times that, a whopping 240 amps. For context, a standard electric hot water system uses up to 25 amps, and a kettle or angry little blow heater may use 10 amps. Some induction cooktops need 3 phases to work properly, and even in domestic settings can consume 50 amps per phase.

How do I know how many phases I have?

There are a few ways:

1) Count the number of wires you have coming into your property. Obviously, you need X-ray vision to do this for underground power, but if you have 4 overhead wires coming in, you should have 3 phases. If only 2 wires you are stuck with single phase for now.

Tip- If you have a twisted / bundled cable, try and see how many branch off at the power pole or building end

2) Send us a picture of your electrical meters

What can I do?

If you would like to electrify everything, consolidate your utility expenditures, increase the returns available from solar, and be EV, cooktop, and air-con ready, you may need a 3-phase upgrade.

HUB can take care of power requirements from the street, metering, and everything inside PLUS add panels on the roof. We also offer generous discounts when these services are bundled together.

SPECIAL: In anticipation of Electrify 2515's solar offerings, HUB iIS OFFERING 10% OFF SOLAR IN THE 2515 POSTCODE. Moreover, 3-phase upgrades and metering attracts further discounts when performed at the same time as our solar installations.

We can also supply and install a range of electric vehicle chargers compatible with most brands of EV.


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