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LED vs Halogen

We are all navigating this season of uncertainty and change. It seems like there are an ever increasing list of things that were second nature a few weeks ago that we now have to reassess or do differently.

It’s like things that have always been a no-brainer have become…. brainers?

So we wanted to bring you some good news! A straightforward scenario that is beneficial all around!

Are you ready for this?!?


Let’s put some facts to the feelings…

LED lights save

- Money

- Landfill

- Carbon emissions

- Maintenance

- Being yelled at for leaving the lights on

LED lights improve

- The thermal properties of your house (specifically, LED down lights)

- Your social status

- Your options around colour temperature (we can explain this)

- Your chances of spare time (you will change a standard halogen globe up to 25 times across the lifespan of an LED downlight)

- The performance of your air conditioning and ceiling fans

Because we only use ICF rated down lights as well, it means they can be placed in carious places that traditional lighting types was forbidden in, meaning you can be as creative as you like!

Lighting is so vital. It affects our moods, eyesight, and productivity.

Is your lighting at its full potential? Hub Electrical can design lighting for any application to improve the way you use and enjoy the spaces you inhabit.

Want to know how much money you can save?

Click here to use our free LED savings calculator for an indication of what changing halogen down lights to LEDs can do for you!

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