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HUB vs Solar

Have you ever thought about giving your roof that extra bit of bling?

Solar is like a fine wine, getting better all the time! The last few years alone have seen massive advances in affordability, efficiency and flexibility in photovoltaic electricity generation.

Solar investment payback period is getting faster as technology progresses. This means smaller electricity bills, and a lower up-front investment than in previous times. Government rebates are available as part of STC (small-scale technology certificate) scheme.

Grid-tie, battery storage or a combination of both means that solutions can be tailored to suit the timing and demands on your business or home.

Form AND function!

Black solar panels, rails and clamps etc are now available, giving a much less imposing appearance to your generation system.

Naturally, we offer free quotes and assessments to help you ascertain the best possible solar outcome for your neck of the woods!

Call, email or SMS us today to see what the sun can do for you.

BTW we are certified, trained and specialised in those tricky / scary installs! Hub holds full design and install solar photovoltaic credentials.


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